The Grande Panda marks FIAT’s return to the global mainstream market. It has been developed based on 3 pillars: Italian design, global platform, and local relevance

Sustainability, inclusiveness, simplicity, and beauty are the values which gave life to the project, while the design took inspiration from the iconic Panda from the 80s—the “blue jeans” of the automotive industry, something perfect for every occasion and for every customer. Therefore, it is a socially relevant car, the car for everybody.

The Grande Panda is the literal clone of the first Panda

The Grande Panda is the literal clone of the first Panda, making it a new B segment vehicle which is both affordable and family friendly. The Grande Panda’s price is expected to start from less than £22,000 for the fully electric version and less than £20,000 for the hybrid version.

Designed in Italy at the FIAT Centro Stile in Turin, the Grande Panda makes use of a simple idea: a one-of-a-kind multi-energy platform which is installable anywhere in the world, a strictly Italian design and the possibility of choosing the best powertrain fit based on the needs of the customers, wherever they might be. In short, the new model marks FIAT’s transition from local production to a global range.

grande panda

Thanks to its smart solutions and ease of use, it will be the first Panda in history to belong to segment B and will make FIAT customers’ driving experience easier around the world. 

The spiral charging cable

The spiral charging cable stands out as one of the most innovative solutions, making the charging experience easier and “tidier” than ever. The Grande Panda is the first vehicle on the market to include an integrated charging cable, which works in alternating current up to 7 kW. The spiral cable has a special housing under the hood, which allows for space saving in the trunk, and encourages practical everyday use as it is easy to handle and avoids the grime of traditional cables. This solution sets itself apart with its easy process: after opening the lid, the second step is to take out the cable and connect it to the charging station. 

Once the charge is finished, it is possible to easily return it to its housing thanks to the spiral shape of the cable.

Sports a cool personality

As with its predecessor, the iconic 1980s’ Panda which changed the way we experience the automobile for over 40 years, the Grande Panda sports a cool personality and unexpected features, as well as an innovative and intelligent use of space. Specifically, the new vehicle sets itself apart from other cars in B-segment with the unique compactness provided by its small size (3.99 meters in length—below the segment average— 1.57 meters in height and 1.76 meters in width) and well-organized capacity thanks to its compact volume: for example, the trunk is 361 litres and the total capacity of the storage compartments located in front of the front passenger is 13 litres. 

grande pands

Essentially, the Grande Panda is the ideal companion for families and today’s urban mobility as it is able to comfortably transport 5 people. Furthermore, the Italian spirit of the new vehicle is showcased through its iconic and ironic design, which is synonymous with beauty, and the exteriors feature a special combination of structured lines and soft yet bold surfaces which highlight the robust wheel arches. Everything is made even more distinctive and cooler through the presence of rear and front skid plates in silver, glossy-black 

pillar finishes, privacy windows and 17” diamond-cut alloy wheels with FIAT logo hubcaps and an eye-catching X design.

grande fiat

As a tribute to the classic Panda, the Grande Panda is equipped with 3D-branded, low-relief letters on the doors which reflect the surrounding environment and enhance the lower part of the side

Seven liveries are available

Seven liveries are available on the Grande Panda – red, white, black, green, brown, blue and yellow, in keeping with the “No Grey” initiative. Inside, a special homage has been made to the Lingotto building’s track, which inspired some of the elements of the interiors. In fact, the dashboard as well as the polycarbonate frame including 10’’ cluster and 10.25” digital radio features a one-of-a-kind style which calls back to the shape of the Lingotto track and creates a distinctive and evocative look.

Special attention has been paid to the optimization of the space, which has been used in a smart way: for example, there are 13 litres of storage in the dashboard, 3 litres of which are found in just one compartment, allowing for an embarrassment of choice when it comes to stowing objects—a simple and ingenious trademark-FIAT solution which recalls the 1980s’ Panda’s timeless “pocket” dashboard. 

grande panda

The first of the new FIAT family will be available both in electric and hybrid versions. With a 44kWh battery and an 83-kW e-motor, the electric Grande Panda offers over 195 miles* of range in the WLTP combined cycle, making it the perfect vehicle both for everyday use in the city and for weekend trips.

grande fiat

* Provisional values under homologation